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For more information about our specific models and design specifications, please use the links provided below.

We also offer custom designed systems for a variety of end use applications including fixed manual and automatic feed systems for high production environments.


Electric Arc

New Arc Charger N550c Up to 3/8" Pitch Diameter for Steel/Stainless Up to 1/4" Pitch Diameter for Aluminum Exclusive Input Charger System
Domestic Fact Sheet
Export Fact Sheet

N550c Portable Inverter Specifications Sheet

Nelweld 4000  3/16" to 7/8" Diameter Single or Dual Gun Manual or Auto-Feed Systems

Nelweld 6000 3/16" to 1" Diameter Single or Dual Gun Construction Job Site/ Large Volume Industrial Applications

Six Gunner  Expands Single Gun Nelweld 4000 and 6000 to Six Outlet Capacity Manual Feed Applications Only

Automated Boiler System 3/8" and 1/2" Automated Weld Systems That Feed and Weld Special Fasteners

Nelware Software Nelware Advanced Controls Interface

 Series 4000 12 Gauge thru 1/2" Diameter Light and Heavy Gauge Metals Single Phase Transformer Rectifier Power Source

Capacitor Discharge

NCD+ 1000 Up to 1/4" Diameter NCD+ 1600 Up to 5/16" Diameter Small Diameter Light Gauge Metals Light Weight and Portable
Up to 3/8" Diameter Automation Capability with Auto-Feed Components
Light Gauge Metals

Inverter Welding

Servo Electric Automated Stud Welding Systems

The new N4 systems feature process monitoring and self compensating designs to ensure the weld quality for every weld.  The N4 system is capable of feeding and welding fasteners with weld bases ranging from 3/32" (3mm) to 1/2" (12mm).

N4 Inverter

FSE100 Eco-Feeder KSE100 Servo Electric Weld Gun N4 Color Keypad Network Software KSE55LS Servo Electric Weld Gun PSE101 Servo Electric Handgun NTC-5 Manual Feed Control Box

Portable Inverter Welding

N1500i Portable Inverter Specifications Sheet N1500i Portable Inverter Literature N1500i AutoFeed Literature Compact Generator

1/8" to 3/4" Diameter Fasteners
Portable Equipment for Automotive, Industrial, and Shipbuilding Applications
Microprocessor Controller, with Weld Monitoring
Auto-Feed Capability for Variety of Studs

N800i Portable Inverter Specifications Sheet N800i Portable Inverter Literature  

1/8" to 1/2" Diameter Fasteners
Constant Current via Closed Loop Microprocessr Control System
Ethernet Connectivity with Software to Provide Quality Control
One Man Portability Increases Mobility



Drawn Arc

Series 4500 1/8 Thru 1/2" Diameter Low Volume Applications Fully Integrated

Series 4800 Up to 5/8" Diameter Short Cycle Manual or Auto-Feed systems

Series 4900 Up to 7/8" Diameter Short Cycle Versatile Mid-Range System 

Arc Weld

Series 6500 Diesel Generator Job Sites with Limited Power 

Tarc Welding

Tarc Welding Single or Dual Gun Manual or Auto-Feed Systems View TARC Welding Video

Automated Welding Cell

Automated Welding Cell Nelcell is custom designed to meet your production needs, and increase your manufacturing efficiency. View Automated Welding Cell Flyer





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