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Nelson offers stud welded fasteners in nearly every shape, size or configuration. Whether you need an off-the-shelf standard fastener or a custom designed fastener, we can make it and/or ship it within your time parameters. We manufacture a virtually limitless variety of specialized and standardized fasteners including threaded and non-threaded studs, collar studs, deformed bar anchors, headed concrete anchors, t-studs, lagging studs, shear connectors, insulation pins, wide flange studs and a full complement of specialized fasteners. Whether you need it made of stainless steel, mild steels or aluminum — no problem because we have years of experience working with both common and exotic metals.

Plus, we offer numerous secondary operations to save you time and money, including: cross drilling, slotting, bending, grooving, pointing, swaging, flat milling or piercing – to name just some of our specialized services. In addition, we offer highly-engineered cold forming capabilities and have perfected our processes to produce near net shape components that offer high quality surface finishes, extremely close tolerances and very high process capability ratings.

Nelson has long been recognized as a leader and innovator in the stud welding industry. Our design and engineering pros continually research and design highly engineered products to meet demanding performance requirements of high-stress applications.

Some of our more recent innovations exemplify this long-standing commitment to quality and innovation. For builders of reinforced concrete structures, we offer our PSR stud, which simplifies reinforcement of concrete structures, allows easier and faster installation and, as a result, lowers project costs. In the heavy off-road equipment market, we offer our Abrasion Resistant Weld stud, which provides manufacturers and operators with maximum high impact and wear resistance for heavy equipment used in harsh operating environments. We’ve also recently developed Polestep™; a revolutionary step innovation used by line workers in the electric utility and telecommunications industries.

Download our full catalog of standard fasteners, or view design specifications for specific standardized fasteners. If you need specialized fasteners, please use the worldwide contacts to contact a sales pro in your area. If you would like us to provide a benefit analyses to compare your current fastener application costs and return on investment to a Nelson fastener, please click here to use the convenient online interactive form.


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